Women Business Leader of the Year

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Curious. Genuinely interested. Committed. Loyal. Generous. That’s Liz, our president. Today, we were thrilled to be at her side as she was recognized as one of five finalists for the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Woman Business Leader of the Year Award.

Other finalists included Suzanne Arlie of Arlie & Co., Linda McKay Korth of McKay Investment Co., Anne Marie Levis of Funk/Levis & Assoc. and Jeanne Staton of Staton Companies, who was honored with this year’s prestigious award.

This annual award is given to those who have proven to be leaders and role models to other women and men and who have contributed to the community, personally and through their business accomplishments.

While she didn’t walk away with the award, Liz will always be a winner in our eyes.

Liz has a saying on her wall, “There’s no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” That’s how she lives her life and leads her company. Always working behind the scenes, Liz would rather see the spotlight shine on someone else, quietly satisfied, knowing that her good work helped someone achieve their goal, whatever that might be.

Always encouraging people around her to make things better, always looking for the next challenge, Liz thrives on managing multiple projects, answering countless questions and following her passion.

That passion: inspiring people to connect with their dreams. Her energy and commitment push everyone she meets to strive to find ways to achieve goals, no matter how difficult. And, she’s there to help along the way.

As a successful businesswoman, mentor and community supporter, Liz constantly works to inspire positive change at work and in the community. After many years serving behind the scenes, Liz has earned her nomination a hundred times over.

Way to go Liz!

– The CAWOOD Team

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