Winter Solstice 2015

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Sun lovers will celebrate the arrival of the Winter Solstice on December 22, because our dark days start to slowly become longer and lighter. Most of us will agree, bring on the light! This is the season when animals hibernate and nature sleeps, we humans tend to turn inward as well. Solstice marks the time to celebrate the light and to get moving again!

Here are some ideas for a great Solstice celebration. Prepare a feast or potluck for family and friends. Focus on colors of food rich in brightness to remind us of the light and sun, top off the meal with a cake decorated with a giant sun. To round out the Solstice evening, gather everyone, light candles and share your wishes with one another for the coming year.

This is a poem I wrote to celebrate winter in the Northwest. Happy Solstice, all!

The echo of a distant train conducts the music the winter stars dance to…

There is a crisp; clean chill… if you close your eyes you might see laundry on the clothesline… the air is just that fresh…

It is winter in the northwest… no clotheslines flow in the icy air.

Today let us dance like the stars with our feet, our minds and our smiles.

Happiness and love to all… as we open our arms to the wonderment of winter…

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Melinda Dille

Melinda Dille

Media Director

Since I was a small child, I have loved animals and humans. I feel rich to have many of both in my life. I find joy in giving homeless cats in my neighborhood a safe, loving, happy home with me. Friends tell me that their winter structures are like five-star hotels (less the spa treatments!). I also have a soft spot for homeless folks with animals and help them as much as possible. I believe that putting others first is what we are all called to do. By doing this with all of our hearts, we help to make another’s path a little better and so our world is a little better. Check out these great organizations:,, I love being the media director at CAWOOD. Our clients and vendors are the BEST! I am excited to celebrate 40 years in advertising in 2016. Let the fun begin!