Web 3.0 – What is it?

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The web has experienced three phases of evolution since its release to the public 20 years ago. In the beginning, it was mostly a collection of static documents that could be read, aka Web 1.0. Web 2.0 saw the birth of large-scale user-generated content, as users interacted with sites like YouTube and Facebook by posting comments, blogs, videos, images and more. Massive amounts of content detailing thoughts and experiences now exist in cyberspace.

The Web 3.0 era promises to make better use of that content to enrich our lives. Semantics and personalization are two terms most often identified with the emerging technologies. Rather than matching keyword text strings, new software will attempt to understand the context in which requests are made, serving answers relevant to our needs.

For example, if you tell your computer, “I want to buy an apple,” two possible results could appear. The software could recognize from your web history or recent purchases that you have started a diet, so it will direct you to the nearest location selling produce. But, if you have recently surfed websites devoted to troubleshooting Macs, you may find yourself on the product page for a shiny new iMac, along with directions to the closest Apple store.

That example only scratches the surface as to what will likely be possible. Mobile devices are a big part of Web 3.0, as our physical location is known to the net and can be communicated to people and places we identify as important. Advertising will evolve as targeted ads become reality. New forms of entertainment will surely emerge as well.

And, as with all new technology, a double-edge will develop. As we gain efficiencies in our affairs, privacy will be diminished, or even lost. The physical affects of electronic devices continually attached to our bodies may be problematic. And, criminals will certainly take advantage of any new opportunities available (should you really post on Facebook that you are leaving town for a few days?). We can work towards making the pros outweigh the cons.

At CAWOOD, we understand these changing times and how we can help you keep up with them. We are increasing our skills in producing mobile content, as well as having full-time staff devoted to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. These are exciting times, and we are glad to be a part of it!

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