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Our hopes for a second straight dodgeball championship were tragically crushed. One of our employees built a wood-fired pizza oven in his backyard. There was even talk of “CAWOOD: The Musical.”

Of course, you already know all this if you “Like” us on Facebook. It’s where we report on the fun stuff that happens around the office. It’s where you get to know another side of the people who work here. You can see our art director’s series of photos on art that has popped up in Eugene’s downtown alleyways. You can check out some of the cool things our clients do in their off hours, such as Oregon Allergy Associates’ Dr. Jason Friesen’s fantastic panoramic photography.

We think of Facebook as our online place to have fun, be a little more personal and share the things we love. When it comes to businesses using Facebook, remember this is social media. You may be tempted to use Facebook as a sales tool. But people don’t go to listen to a sales pitch. They go to Facebook to look at photos, talk with friends and see what acquaintances have been up to.

There’s no hard-sell happening on our Facebook page. But we’ll make just this one pitch to you right now: Like us! You’ll get to know some fun people.

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Liz Cawood

Liz Cawood


Liz’s creative outlet is writing – and gardening. She’s dabbled in fabric arts and done a few oils, and even did some rock painting for “Flood the Streets with Art” last November. She’s a voracious consumer of content and enjoys the mental gymnastics of playing with ideas.