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CAWOOD advertising

Some say traditional advertising is passé. Of course, that’s not true. Not yet, anyway! What is true is that successful companies know how to maximize their marketing investment by integrating well-planned and effective digital and traditional marketing methods.

Here is one way we’ve done that. Since blue chip started publishing, our ad has appeared on its back cover. This month’s ad asks a simple question: What if this marketing team worked for you? The answer: You’d Be Known! That’s because we bring creativity and pragmatism, innovation and tradition, energy and proven experience.

We repurpose each month’s ad through Facebook, a blog post, and mentions in our e-news. We also complement our blue chip ads with Community Leaders Together ads that highlight how our staff gives back to the community.

Watch for our next ad, which will feature 25 nonprofit organizations that received volunteer services from our staff. We’re proud of what our community does to help each other, and we salute our staff for their community involvement.

Our business has grown as a result of offering highly–targeted strategic integrated marketing services. The blend of advertising with digital repurposing has clicked with our clients and positively affected their bottom lines.. Here’s what Russell Hoeflich, vice president and state director for The Nature Conservancy of Oregon, said: “You and your team hit a home run for us! Your work ethic, team approach and capacity to quickly assimilate complex information and convert into compelling text and graphics is inspiring.”

Remember, a successful business never stops asking what if? And, we’ve helped thousands of businesses over the years answer that question and drive bottom line results. We can help you Be Known too!

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