What would you do with a two-dollar bill? A campaign of congrats to Oregon businesses

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We believe in congratulating successes. We enjoy random acts of kindness. And we think small acts can make a big impact – over time and with collaboration.

CongratulationsSo when we saw clients and friends listed in Oregon Business magazine’s Power Book, we decided a pat on the back was in order. Thinking on what would be a nice gesture, the obvious was a congratulatory card. But what else could we do to spread some joy, spark curiosity and maybe even generate some dialogue?

How about sending them a two-dollar bill, as a small thank you for all they’ve done for Oregon and a token way of saying we’re confident they know how to invest money wisely?

Of course, if they were to think that we are suggesting marketing as a wise investment, they would not be wrong.

You might call it gimmicky, but we hold no shame! Congratulations if you’re holding one of those $2 bills in your hand now.

Here are a few things you could do with it. Feel free to add a comment below and let us know what you’ve decided to do.

  1. Buy half a latte
  2. Impress your friends by making an origami butterfly (see pic above)
  3. Tip a server
  4. Launch a campaign to move Thomas Jefferson’s face onto a less obscure denomination (don’t you think he deserves more recognition?)
  5. Donate it to a charity of your choice
  6. Accidentally wash it in your pant’s pocket
  7. Give it to your kid for his allowance
  8. Put it in a savings account, wait a year and see that you have $2.04!
  9. Feed a parking meter (after breaking it into quarters)
  10. Add it to your marketing budget and give us a call!
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Liz Cawood

Liz Cawood


Liz’s creative outlet is writing – and gardening. She’s dabbled in fabric arts and done a few oils, and even did some rock painting for “Flood the Streets with Art” last November. She’s a voracious consumer of content and enjoys the mental gymnastics of playing with ideas.