The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook

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by Bob Willard

The subtitle of the book is what it’s all about: How to Transform Your Company. This short, 128-page book captures the essence of modern business thought: Peter M. Senge, Stephen R. Covey, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, George Ainsworth, John P Kotter, and Everett M. Rogers. Wow! It shows how applicable all those thought leaders are to moving sustainability forward.

In the author’s words, here’s what you get: “. . . practices that have always worked for effective leaders championing any kind of organizational change. These are the lesson learned–without the backup theory, stories, case studies, and anecdotes.”  This is powerful stuff – so much information in such a small space. 

Another insightful paragraph: “Sustainability initiatives thrive on meaning. When corporate values align with person values, employee energy, creativity and commitment are unleashed, accelerating sustainability changes and adding passion capital to the financial, natural, and social capitals of sustainability.” 

Make no doubt about it, the author wants to advance sustainability. But, truly this book will help any executive move change through an organization. And, this is the kind of book you’ll read more than once. I’m going to start my second read right now!

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