The role of the blog in social media

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With all the hype and increasing popularity of using social media for business, don’t forget the old friend who has been there for you before the likes of Twitter and Facebook – your blog!

As more and more people use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media tools, the blog can often get left behind or forgotten about. If you are serious about using social media to increase awareness around your brand, trust with your clients and customers, and ultimately sales through these efforts, your blog should remain at the forefront of your campaign.

The blog should be the “hub” of your social marketing campaign; where your most important updates, stories, product release information, etc. will live. Why is this?

Remember, while social media channels are excellent ways to engage your audience, your website continues to be the best source for those who want information about your company. More information leads to more interest which then hopefully leads to more sales. The blog is the constant voice of the website and if it dies, the website (and quite possibly sales) will suffer because of it.

Another thing to remember is that blog posts are searchable; meaning that if your blog has a well optimized title and solid keyword content, Google will place your blog favorably in their index. At this time, a tweet or Facebook post is not nearly as easily found on Google. So the more you blog, the more links you’ll have indexed, leading to increased traffic on your website. And if you have an ecommerce website, you know how important free traffic is!







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