The invasion of the Travoys

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How fun to work with the energetic folks at Burley Design. For years, they offered child, pet and utility trailers. This year they added a trailer that lets you tow your stuff easily – it’s called the Travoy, an urban trailer system. Half of our staff now use the Travoy. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“My new Travoy is the perfect bike trailer for all kinds of trips I do, but especially for commuting to work and meetings. Some of the trails I take have tight turns or limited space, but pulling the Travoy I don’t need to worry. Only having my new trailer a limited time, I have already received many positive comments from others who see it. Recently a car pulled up beside me when I was stopped for a light, the driver rolled down his window and complimented me on the trailer and asked about where to get one. On the same trip, two others inquired as I was connecting the trailer to the back of my bike after attending a meeting. It is everything I expected and is obviously attracting a lot of positive comments from those who see it.” – John Lively, account manager

“While I was eager to try out my new Travoy on my commute to work, I really had no idea what I was in for. I immediately felt a huge relief not having to wear a big, heavy backpack. Rather than continually adjusting my backpack, I kept turning around to see if my new trailer was still attached because it was so smooth, quiet and light! Having a few rides under my belt, I no longer feel the need to check for my trailer, but I am still amazed at how smoothly it glides over bumpy roads and paths. I appreciate the space and ability to organize my belongings, while maintaining enough extra space to stop by the corner market on my way home.” – Nichole Hayward, administrative assistant

“My wife and I use the Travoy for daily trips: to work, on errands and picking up groceries. We are impressed with the ease with which we can detach and roll it in wherever we go. I bought two hitches and I love hitching it to my fast bike and being able to use that for around-town trips, and still having my fast bike for weekend rides. With the neat little kickstand on the Travoy, I like having it sitting next to me at work, like my own little workstation on wheels. And I’m getting lots of compliments on it too from people in the grocery check-out line ;-).” – Paul Adkins, graphic designer

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