Telling your story helps you to “be known”

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Great storytelling combines basic facts and interesting details – and it does this in an engaging way that makes the reader want to know more.

That’s true for all types of writing, including marketing your brand. It takes practice to be able to do this with finesse. Yet, it’s definitely worth investing the time to do it well or finding someone who can.

Think of it like this – a good story helps you:

  • Get started – Knowing and sharing basic information about who you are and what you do provides a foundation of trust for your clients.
  • Stand out – Presenting your story in a way that’s easy to digest, through words and visuals, ensures potential clients will notice you even through the flood of media coming at them every day.
  • Build lasting relationships – Highlighting the interesting details that make you relatable can move others to want to work with you.

We all want to be known – and top-notch storytelling is an important tool for reaching that goal. Relay the facts, highlight the captivating details and organize it well – these are the essential components for engaging your audience.

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Cara Murez

Cara Murez

Writer / Editor

Cara is a storyteller. Naturally curious about people, she enjoys learning about what makes a person or a business interesting, successful and unique, and then figuring out the best combination of words to highlight that information.