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by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

We all know that we have a rational and emotional side, and sometimes the tension between them keeps us from making changes that we both want and need. The book’s subtitle, How to Change Things When Change is Hard, sheds light on what’s to come, successful change follows a pattern, one that anyone can learn and apply:

  • Direct the Rider (your rational side)
  • Motivate the Elephant (your emotional side)
  • Shape the Path (know where you’re going)

You want the Rider and Elephant moving together to make change. And, once they start operating as a team, it’s important to tell them what the expectations are and do it as specifically as possible.


The book’s loaded with stories of people who followed the pattern. My faves are the Save the Children malnutrition program in Vietnam and how a principal in Tennessee took a school from chaos to excellence.

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