Start with these five basic SEO tips

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Search Engine Optimization sounds good – how do you make it happen for your site? Here are five basics every site should have to maximize its SEO.

1. Choose keywords. The term, “keyword,” describes a word or phrase search engines use to index a Web page. Decide what words and phrases you think Web users will enter into a search engine to find your site.

2. Use those keywords in the text of your Web pages. Search engines “read” the actual text of Web pages (not graphics). Use your keywords often in a relevant manner.

3. Use keyword title tags on every page. Make sure your developer is using title tags by looking at the header or tab of your browser. If you see a description of the page there, then title tags are being used. List the keyword subject of the page, then the company name. You only get 70 characters, including spaces.


4. Use the same keyword subjects as H1 headers at the top of the content of each Web page. H1 is a piece of code assigned to the main header of the page. Make sure your developer is using them.

5. Use Google’s tools. Google Analytics will help you track site visits. Google Webmaster Tools help give Google the information it needs to index your site. Ask your developer to set up both.

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