Sometimes, you just have to step up to the plate

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Just about the time things slow down in my life they seem to pick back up again. We ended basketball season for two of my boys a few weeks back and we enjoyed the slower time spent at home.

And now, change is in the air… we just got calls from the coaches of two of my boys little league teams. And as it turns out I am co-coaching my oldest sons team. So needless to say, we’re going to be busy again. Fortunately, practices for two of the teams are on the same night at the same time at the same location so that works out really well. And because I’m coaching I can work to make my teams practices fit into the rest of our schedule.

That doesn’t mean the change in our schedule will be a breeze but it will be manageable and we know what to expect going in. And the bottom line is we do it for our kids and our community. I am happy to be able to step up and work with a group of children to show them how to play baseball and to encourage them and demonstrate how much fun the sport can be.

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