How do you really reach consumers and create brand loyalty?

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Burley Family Picnic
By telling stories that they want to hear. Call it, say, brand journalism.

This may sound funny coming from a marketing company, but people do not want to be sold to. They want to purchase a product or service when they’re ready to buy it and from people or a company they trust. Because it’s on their terms and timing. Because it fits their needs or lifestyle. Not because the radio jingle was clever or the salesman had a pearly white smile.

Factors like advertising and sales pitches help with sales, of course. And you have to have good ones if you want any credibility. But it only matters that they’re good if 1) they rise to the top of all the other noise out there, and 2) prospective buyers want to pay attention.

How do you make those two things happen?

Walk in your target audience’s shoes. What are their day-to-day activities like? Where do they go for lunch or recreation? What groups do they hang out with and whom do they talk to?

With those answers, find a way to reach out and establish a relationship. Create engaging content that’s delivered where they’re looking. Start a conversation. Be patient. Be consistent. Be authentic. It’s not going to happen overnight.

We’re helping our clients do this all the time.

Take a look at Burley. Notice that the brochure and website is filled with stories about how biking can be fun and easy – how you can take your child or your dog with you. Can you relate? Maybe you’ll look further.

Camas Country MillAnd Camas Country Mill. The Hunton family is re-localizing grain production to stimulate a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable regional economy. No accolades listed about how great the lentils taste or that you can buy bulk flour at a discount. Just the facts about who they are and their mission. Hungry, yet?

Sure, people still shop price point for certain items, and no amount of walking in their shoes can lower your prices if you don’t want them lowered. But trudging the miles can show them why you earn their keep. What brand journalism can foster is brand loyalty, and that, is the golden ticket of marketing.

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