Play games to enhance workplace creativity and collaboration

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dodgeballRecess doesn’t have to be just for kids. Adding some playtime to your lunch break could enhance workplace collaboration and creativity.

In “Five Ways that Games are More than Just Fun,” a game designer makes five points about playing games:

1. They make us more social.
2. They empower us to be creative.
3. They help us develop empathy.
4. They make us act playful and silly.
5. They force us to tinker.

The CAWOOD team loves to break for a game every now and then. We’ve participated in Downtown Eugene’s dodgeball tournament for the past three summers.

From costume creation to parking-lot practice and friendly competition, we always have more than just a bit of fun. We strengthen our team spirit, while also reiterating our values – collaborative, authentic, responsible and energetic. (Read more about our vision, mission and values here.)

It may go without saying how our energetic value relates to playing games. Positive and passionate attitudes ensure a fun-filled time for all. Dodgeball isn’t complete with some cheers –  Go CAWOOD Sparks!

Each player on the team has to bring their best, focus on shared objectives and communicate well & often – that’s how we define collaboration.

They also have to be responsible by following through on commitments (are you practicing and did you even show up?), own your work (the good throws and the bad) and take initiative/be proactive (strategy is everything!).

And lastly, a successful dodgeball team is made up of authentic players; those who are honest, play to their strengths (like knowing who’s a better dodger than a thrower), and are courageous (it’s a tough battlefield out there!).

During the dodgeball off-season, you might find us “floor-biking” or playing a round of cornhole. Tell us: What does your company do to stay active and foster team spirit?

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