The power of your own two feet

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Here are my kids (grades 2 and K) going to school using contraptions that wonky people call “active modes” of transportation.
Back in, say, 1969, people just called them “bikes.” But listen to this: Back in 1969, about half of children walked or biked to school. By 2009, that number had fallen to 13 percent.
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The MADD Lemonade Stand

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I may have been the most popular girl in town the other Friday night. It was a sticky 96 degrees, and I was standing downtown handing out free jars of ice-cold lemonade.
No, it wasn’t because I felt bad for those red and sweaty faces. It was to promote designated driving for MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That ice-cold lemonade was a strategy to wrangle in […]

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Copywriting: A straight line between two points isn’t always the best journey

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How often do you see marketing copy like: “We’re passionate about selling cornflakes!” Really? First off, I don’t believe it. Second, I don’t care.
What if you tell a story instead? People like stories. A story is a journey. And the best thing about a journey is the unexpected. Mind you, a story doesn’t have to be long – just long enough to have a beginning, a middle and and end. Here’s one I noticed not long ago while making a mojito:
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Let’s call this ‘Smokey and the Brand-it’

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Jackson Whole Grocer was putting the finishing touches on a much-expanded new store – as well as a new brand – and the opening date was closing in like Buford T. Justice.
JWG_logoYou remember Buford T. Justice? He’s the lawman played by Jackie Gleason in that cinematic classic “Smokey and the Bandit”. In fact, I can’t get the theme song out of my head. (“We’ve got […]

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Teamwork makes Good Things Happen

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Good things happen when you go out with a designated driver. With their sharp senses, they can have an impressive run at the pool table, win the praises of their peers and maybe meet that someone special.
Teamwork - Good ThingsThis is the story we tell in our TV spot for MADD.
A true team effort, the idea was born of creative brainstorming in-house. Then we put together a cast of talented young […]

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Beaudet Jewelry celebrates a new chapter

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Beaudet JewelryIf you’re in Eugene or Springfield, soon you’ll see lots of advertising for a retirement sale at Beaudet Jewelry. This is an excellent opportunity to get some incredible deals on all that sparkles and shines.
Retiring after 37 years, co-owner Georgiann is excited for more time to run on the beach with her grandchildren, visit friends and family, and dive deep with local nonprofits. Jeweler Chuck, on the other hand, […]

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Low-budget industrial videos hit the mark

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You have customers’ attention for less than five minutes. Would they rather read through a bunch of specs, manuals and instructions, or watch a video that shows them exactly what they need to know? This is an important question.
Not all videos need to be a visual feast, a mini-blockbuster or a special effects extravaganza. Sometimes the best approach is simple and straightforward, as with these short videos we’ve done for clients in the industrial industry.
1. SAFETYCAL just released a new […]

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Be brief, and have a beer

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Be Brief
Beer. That’s the reason newspapers don’t use the “Oxford comma,” a journalism professor once told me.
Consider the sentence, “CAWOOD does websites, PR, advertising, and branding.”
That last comma before the “and” is the “Oxford comma.” Editors have fought to the death over the Oxford comma, whether it’s necessary or not.
Newspapers side with “not.”
briefProposed heading for the template we use to write creative briefs.
“It’s because,” […]

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KL Wells delivers strategic networking tips at UO marketing mixer

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marketingmixerAlthough I enjoy networking, I’m always looking for ways to be more effective at it. When I received an invitation to a marketing mixer hosted by
University of Oregon American Marketing Association, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do just that, while also reconnecting with some colleagues from my business school days. My co-worker, Lindsey Kate, and I decided to attend the […]

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