Color = brand essence

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Did you know that when people look at a logo, the color is what they remember most? Research (Color Matters) shows that over 80 percent of visual information is related to color. And, recently, more lawsuits are seeking to protect distinctive colors that are strongly associated with a brand, which further underscores the importance of color. Clearly, color is a […]

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Mobile-friendly sites do better

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Has the traffic to your website declined? If you said “yes,” it could be that you’re being penalized by Google search engine rankings because your site isn’t mobile-friendly.
Besides being mobile-friendly for search, you also want to be where your customers are. Now, more than 60 percent of all searches are made on a mobile device. Plus, responsive sites give the […]

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“Advertising reflects the mores of society, but does not influence them.” — David Ogilvy, member, Advertising Hall of Fame

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In Ogilvy’s world, advertising ruled. A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains constant – the importance of what you say and how consistent you are in your messaging. The most effective marketing captures a sentiment, feeling or thought in a fresh way that connects people.
Nike’s Just do it is a good example. When people heard the line, […]

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Cooking’s a lot like marketing

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effective marketing
There are so many options and how you combine them makes all the difference. So, let’s start out talking about cooking. Seems like everyone is a foodie these days. With our area’s rich soil and abundant crops, it’s no wonder that so many of us enjoy creating unique meals.
Some of us like a wide variety of cuisines, while others favor specific ones. Some of us are adventurous and others stick with tried and […]

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Content is an authentic interaction

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Content Marketing
Since the Oregon Forest Practices Act was passed in 1971, it’s been anything but static. That’s what this infographic shows in a way that is easy to read.
One question we hear frequently is“Isn’t content just copy?” The answer is “no.” Content is really about the conversation you have with your customers, and its more than words. It’s about images, video, and how you deliver the information – whether its through social media, on […]

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Time to refresh some logos

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A lot’s changed since the ’70s. That’s why we’ve helped several organizations refresh logos that were originally designed back then. Not only did the logos look dated, but they didn’t reflect how the organizations had changed.
Any logo update should start with a definition of the target market, a brand statement, the tone and style of the organization, and a clear understanding of how the logo will be used. Establishing these criteria before design helps us develop a logo that is […]

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Pizza my love

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Pizza Love' -Heart shaped pizza

San Marzano tomatoes are red
the sky is blue
the basil is fragrant
mozzarella… ooooooooo.
Dough shaped by hand
oregano, garlic & fennel
the red peppers are roasted
mmmm, the crust, transcendental.
And music captures our mood
pizza love to share
a sparkling evening does arouse
our hearts mingle in the air.
     —Paul Adkins, designer and pizzaiolo

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It’s never too late to learn something new

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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein
I love this quote by Einstein, because it embraces how I feel about life and learning. I started my “official” education late in life, graduating with my bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon, and then earning my MBA in last May.
My love of learning didn’t end with the completion of my degree. Let’s just say that Google and I are best friends, and that’s how I found my […]

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Break free from the zombie lunch crowd

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You’ve seen them, those people shuffling down the sidewalk gazing down into their phones — excited maybe to see that a notification from Facebook has appeared since they checked a few minutes ago.
Hey, I’m not judging. I’m pretty hooked on my little device, too. But I’ve also discovered that when I’m outside for my lunchtime walk I can use my phone to help me look outward, not just inward.
I meander slowly and stop often to ponder a view. I look for […]

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The MADD Stand strikes again

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Last time it was lemonade. This time it was hot cocoa. You may remember, from a previous blog post (link), about my MADD Lemonade Stand this September.
This time, the MADD hot cocoa stand popped up at the BMX track across from Autzen Stadium as tailgating parties were underway before the Oregon vs. Colorado football game. MADD volunteers and I handed out free hot cocoa to tailgaters while promoting designated driving to Duck fans.
The location and beverage may have changed but […]

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