On developing a gigantic site

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So there was this client.  A great client of ours with whom we do tons of great work.

This client has long wanted to renew the website they had, but were waiting for the right time.

We pounced on the chance and started work.  Long before my fingers touched the keys of the computer, Dana was hard at work with much help refining and mapping out a plan for a new site.

We prepared, researched, planned and researched again.  Then, i think we had some coffee, walked around for a minute, and started in earnest our task at hand.

Once prepared, caffeinated and motivated, work began on the barebones functionality and elemental styles.  This was a great deal of work and was recieved as it often is, without much fanfare.  To me, this step always means a great deal, but is often a tad hard to visualize for those more rightfully disconnected from the project.  From here, it starts to become clear just simply


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