It’s never too late to learn something new

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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

I love this quote by Einstein, because it embraces how I feel about life and learning. I started my “official” education late in life, graduating with my bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon, and then earning my MBA in last May.

My love of learning didn’t end with the completion of my degree. Let’s just say that Google and I are best friends, and that’s how I found my extraordinary knitting class.


Growing up, I watched my grandma crochet, and she asked me one time if I wanted to learn. I held the crochet hook in my hands. I remember saying, “It’s so heavy,” and I set it back down. I’m sure my inability to sit still played a role. I probably wanted to be riding my bike instead.

As an adult, though, I started to admire that people who knit always look so peaceful. And I love how they multitask. When I finally decided to make the time to learn, I found the Knit Shop online and went in to talk to the owner.

I explained that I had never picked up knitting needles before but I was eager and wanting to learn so I could knit while watching Netflix with my girls. My appointment took two weeks to schedule because the girl teaching me is on a roller derby team, goes to school full-time, is a mother, and holds down a part-time job. Truly inspirational. If she has time to teach knitting after all of that, well I could certainly squeeze it into my schedule.

After signing up, I went home and told my girls that I was going to learn to knit, and I heard jokes about how I wouldn’t like it because I was so impatient. My reputation had followed me into adulthood.

The Saturday of my knitting class finally arrived, and I woke up enthusiastic and excited. Colorful yarn sat neatly on the shelves of the Knit Shop, and I loved the cozy ambience. Before long I was knitting 2 pearling 2, and I even started a project for my daughter’s birthday. I stayed at the Knit Shop for six hours and met a teenage boy knitting a neon pink beanie, two older gentlemen and lots of amazing women. Six hours is a long time, and I made mistakes. But I stuck with it even after pulling all of my stiches out and starting over for the millionth time. If you’ve always wanted to try something, why wait?

What have you wanted to try that hasn’t made it to the top of your priority list?

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