My vote for worst commercial of 2013

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Domino's CommercialLike many of you, I get up to grab a beverage or turn my attention to my smartphone when commercials interrupt my favorite TV program. But one brand’s ad recently caught my eye – for all the wrong reasons.

Domino’s latest campaign shows a less-than-proficient employee attempting to take orders over the phone. As you can see in the ad, if you are on the other end of that phone, your ordering experience is anything but satisfying. In fact, those callers are probably hanging up and calling another restaurant.

I don’t have the stats, but if I were to guess, I’d say phone orders still account for most of the business at Domino’s (and other take-out pizza establishments). So is the point of the ad to keep you from calling Dominos next time you’re in the mood for a few slices of late-night pepperoni? I know, I know, the point is to get people to order online. But why potentially damage what is likely still the lifeblood of your business? Those who even know how or have the capability to order online are probably already doing it. For those who aren’t, there must be a better way to alert them to that option.

Not only does this commercial make me think calling Domino’s for a pizza delivery will be a challenging process, it actually raises other concerns – if their humans have that much trouble simply taking orders, will my pizza even be made correctly? If they can’t handle a phone order (a process by which they’ve built their business), how are they going to be proficient at a digital order?

Not that I ordered Domino’s much in the past, but this commercial makes me think of calling anyone else next time I order a pizza while watching the Ducks game.

Domino’s gets my vote for worst commercial of 2013. What’s yours?

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