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by Carol S. Dweck

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck deals with the most important aspect of our lives – how we filter our experiences. The concept is simple: there are two basic mindsets. One is fixed, the other sees possibilities. In the fixed mindset, your abilities and talents are innate, but you have to keep proving them over and over. You may fear failure because in your mind it diminishes your abilities. For the person who sees possibilities (Dweck calls this growth), effort and hard work trump talent. Her research shows that the growth mindset leads to lasting success.

The daily implications of which mindset you follow are explored in depth. Your mindset affects how you raise your children, how they respond to you, how you collaborate (or don’t) at work, how you relate to your significant other. A fascinating read, it provides thought-provoking concepts and techniques to evaluate how your mindset has impacted your life.

To give you a flavor of how the fixed and possibility (growth) mindset play out, here are some examples from the book:


John McEnroe

Bobby Knight

Kenneth Lay


Tiger Woods

John Wooden

Anne Mulcah

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