Meatball Sundae

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by Seth Godin

Well, he’s done it again. Godin identifies 14 trends you can’t ignore. That’s how he answers the question: Is your marketing out of sync? Here’s your first clue: “The New Marketing demands more than a meatball. It insists on a reinvention of the entire organization and the products it creates.” Next clue, “. . . marketing is transforming what we make and how we make it.” Clue number 3: “The New Marketing doesn’t demand better marketing. It demands better products, better services, and better organizations.”

For those of you who think marketing is an expendable service, Godin notes that “. . . marketing is at the core of every organization . . . The organization supports marketing.” Got your attention? You’re probably curious about those trends, so here’s a few to intrigue you (Just because they sound familiar, don’t assume they are. Godin looks at the world a little differently, and offers insights that are illuminating.):

Trend 4: Extremely short attention spans due to clutter

Trend 10: The shifts ins scarcity and abundance

Trend 13: The wealthy are like us

Trend 14: New gatekeepers, no gatekeepers

If you don’t want your organization to be a Meatball Sundae, here’s a book that will help you avoid that fate.

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