Made to Stick

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by Chip & Dan Heath

The Heath brothers – Chip and Dan – wrote a book that explores a simple, memorable formula for how to make ideas stick. SUCCESs stands for simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and stories. (Let’s not tell them they’re missing an “s” – that’s probably why they lower cased it!). It’s packed with stories that show how to put their concept to work every day. Stories like Mother Teresa, the Palm Pilot, “no school next Tuesday,” the Sinatra test, Jared the Sub guy, The Nature Conservancy and the list seems almost endless. Of course like anything that works, it takes diligence to nurture an idea. If you’re ready for a good read and think you might also be ready to work at making your ideas memorable, pick up a copy of Made to Stick ( As the subtitle says, then you’ll know “Why some ideas survive and others die.”

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