We’re inspired to “live simply so that others can simply live!”

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Live Simply

Click to enlarge this photo of Eugene with snow.

Each week, we take a moment to reflect on a quote, photo, video or story that reminds us about our company values, which spell out CARE – Collaborative, Authentic, Responsible and Energetic.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by this quote: “I live simply so that others can simply live.” In some places, this saying is credited to Ghandi, some to Mother Teresa, and some to other do-gooders of the world. No matter where it originated, I’m embracing it whole-heartedly.

Last week, Lindsey Kate asked us for donations for Eugene Mission. We had quite a little email exchange about how great of an organization the Mission is. And that’s when I told her of that great quote about living simply that I love so much.

It’s a small phrase yet so big and powerful in its statement. I’m sure you will agree.

Everything in our lives could be simple if we just think about situations a little differently. Sometimes we really do get messed up in overthinking everything. At some point our poor minds say STOP!

I found this post on Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog and have paraphrased his tips for avoiding overthinking and living more simply.

How to stop overthinking and live simply:

  1. Put things into a wider perspective. Will this matter in 5 years? 5 weeks? 5 days? 5 hours? 5 minutes?
  2. Set short time limits for decisions. If you don’t have a time limit for when you must make a decision and take action then you just keep turning your thoughts around and around. Once again you’ll find your mind saying, “Stop, already!”
  3. Become a person of action. Taking small steps forward and only focusing on getting one small step done at a time. It’s far less confusing to our spirits and our minds!
  4. Realize that you cannot control everything. Trying to do so simply doesn’t work!
  5. Say stop in situations where you know you cannot think straight. I always suggest the “Scarlett O’Hara” way, when in Gone with the Wind, she says, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”
  6. Do not get lost in vague fears. Ask yourself honestly, what is the worst that could happen?
  7. Work out. We all know working out helps us to ease inner tension and worry. So take 10 minutes and breathe! Clear your mind before it has a chance to say, “Stop!”
  8. Spend more of your time in the present moment. Today is so special enjoy every minute of it. We can’t change the past and tomorrow will take care of itself. Being in the moment helps to keep your life in the right perspective.
  9. Spend more of your time with people who do not overthink things. Quoting Willy Nelson, “Only good shall come from me and to me.” I don’t think he is a guy that overthinks things.

By living simply, we take better care of ourselves and can likely stay more positive. Those are both attributes of CAWOOD’s “energetic” value. To be collaborative, we must bring our best – and that’s easier to do if we’re feeling focused and taking one thing at a time.

Have a simply, lovely day, great people! —Melinda

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Melinda Dille

Melinda Dille

Media Director

Since I was a small child, I have loved animals and humans. I feel rich to have many of both in my life. I find joy in giving homeless cats in my neighborhood a safe, loving, happy home with me. Friends tell me that their winter structures are like five-star hotels (less the spa treatments!). I also have a soft spot for homeless folks with animals and help them as much as possible. I believe that putting others first is what we are all called to do. By doing this with all of our hearts, we help to make another’s path a little better and so our world is a little better. Check out these great organizations: green-hill.org, ironwoodpigsanctuary.org, bestfriends.org I love being the media director at CAWOOD. Our clients and vendors are the BEST! I am excited to celebrate 40 years in advertising in 2016. Let the fun begin!