If Disney Ran Your Hospital

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by Fred Lee

Have you heard hospitals or healthcare organizations talk about Disney-fied? Well, this is the book they’re talking about. You think patient satisfaction is important – think again. What about this concept: “Patient loyalty is too important to be blurred with satisfaction.” Or said another way “Customer loyalty is too important to be blurred with satisfaction.”

How do you gain loyalty? Show more than simple courtesy. Engage each patient and show compassion. Express heartfelt empathy for the patient’s anxiety and pain. Can you apply that to your customers?

This book may be about hospitals, but every manager can learn something about how to treat the customer .What’s the most important way you can respond to an angry person? With empathy. At Disney, it’s the acronym: LAST: Listen, apologize, solve the problem, and thank them.

The book gives a good blueprint for how Disney has earned its reputation for extraordinary customer service. Final two thoughts from the book: “Words are more than representations of thoughts. They actually shape our thoughts.” and “Service should be changed to experience.”

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