How to Listen in Social Media

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listening-joeLaunching your Facebook and Twitter campaigns can be very exciting. You are now out there talking with fans, posting photos, tweeting and retweeting. Maybe you’re even becoming a pro – using a platform to strategically schedule posts, calculating your social media ROI, or learning how to improve your EdgeRank score.

Even with all of this, you may still be ignoring the most important part of a successful social media campaign – listening. With people using social media tools more than ever, consumers are shaping how companies are viewed, discussed, and rated. In order to have a hand in the tone of these discussions, you must learn how to listen.

The first step is to decide on what types of conversations are relevant to your company or its products. This means coming up with keywords to monitor, outside of your brand name. For example, if your company sells electric guitars, you may want to monitor conversations about Fender, Gibson and Ibanez brands. Perhaps one of your categories of guitars is targeted to beginners. In that case, you may want to listen in on conversations about guitar lessons or beginner tips.

How do I listen in on these conversations, you ask? First, find where these conversations are taking place. “Like” your competitor’s Facebook pages. Watch their walls. Search by keyword on Twitter and scroll through the comments and discussions between users. Find the top blogs and forums in your industry and keep an eye on these.

It’s a continual process. But an important one. You can use these conversations as a way to learn more about your customers needs, engage with them directly, and perform a general level of competitor analysis.

Happy listening!



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