Google developing cookie killer

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Google AdIDOnline marketers and website owners know how important cookies are to successful online advertising campaigns. So what if they went away?

Google is developing what might be a cookie killer – an anonymous identifier, called AdID, for advertisers to track people’s Internet browsing activity. This is big news, since Google accounts for a third of the $120 billion of worldwide online ad revenue.

“We believe that technological enhancements can improve users’ security while ensuring the Web remains economically viable. We and others have a number of concepts in this area, but they’re all at very early stages,” a Google spokeswoman said.

So what does this mean for advertisers? It may force them to use Google to track online shoppers’ habits and preferences, instead of tracking this data themselves, via cookies.

The good news for users is that there may be better privacy control opportunities, as AdID will allow limited ad tracking and blocking options. There may also be multiple AdID profile options for users to choose from based on their search privacy.


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Nathan Cawood

Nathan Cawood

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