Go Green, Live Rich

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by David Bach

You might know Bach as a financial expert who encourages people to align their financial lives with their values.

He offers 50 different ideas, with lots of details on how to live green while spending less and saving more. He explodes the myth that being environmentally responsible is expensive. He stays true to his basic premise: “It is not what you earn that makes you rich or poor; it what you spend.” And extends it to say, “… wasting money and hurting the planet go hand in hand.”

Here’s the most eye-opening thing I learned: “Switching from a ‘Standard American Diet’ to a vegetarian diet takes a bigger bite out of global warming than trading in your SUV for a hybrid car!” Why? “Methane from captive livestock accounts for nearly a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans.” Wow!

And, there’s a section on going green at work. General Electric saved $6.5 million in electricity costs a year by enabling its computers’ energy efficiency settings. Check it out to see what you could do at work, at home and at play. Plus, you’ll keep more of your money and make the world a better place. What could be better?

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