Filling buckets with 100 weeks of CARE

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book“We experience approximately 20,000 individual moments every day,” writes Tom Rath and Donald Clifton on page 40 of How Full is Your Bucket? The crux of the short, easy-to-read book is that each of those moments offers us an opportunity to brighten someone’s day or to drain it. Imagine everyone carries a bucket, and our interactions with others either fill the bucket (positivity) or dip from it (negativity).

The goal is that we carry a full bucket without dipping from others’, because positivity has a significant impact on our engagement at work and at home, in our relationships with others, as well as our own physical health.

Positivity is an element of one of CAWOOD’s values – energetic. I send the team weekly notes about our values, which spell out CARE: Collaborative, Authentic, Responsible and Energetic. These “Weekly Inspiration” emails include quotes, photos, videos, articles or anecdotes that serve as reminders for us.

This month marked a milestone with the 100th Weekly Inspiration. It focused on our energetic value and bucket filling. We’re experimenting with how to embrace this concept in our office, from personal notes to staff-wide kudos and surprise treats in the break room. How do you fill the buckets of your co-workers? Let us know here in the comments section!

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