Facebook’s Algorithm

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When a business uses Facebook, it hopes that 1) people will Like the page, and 2) those people will pay attention to, share, and comment on the posts. But what if fans never see the posts in the first place?

facebook algorithmHow can that be you ask? Well, it all depends on Facebook’s algorithm, called EdgeRank.

First, an “Edge” is the creation or sharing of a post. Facebook then uses its algorithm to determine which posts people will be interested in. So, not all of your fans will see all of your posts. In fact, a post is generally seen by less than 10 percent of your pages’ fans! Post appearance is dictated by the EdgeRank Formula:

Affinity x Weight x Time Decay

Here, Affinity takes into account the relationship/engagement activity between a user and your brand – frequency of contact, likes, comments, shares, etc. Basically, the more interaction that fan has with your brand’s posts or your page, the higher your affinity score.

Weight is a measurement of two variables. The first is the significance of the post itself – photos, links, status updates, etc., where photo > link > status. The second is the ensuing action on that post, where comments > likes > clicks.

Time decay takes into account the timing of the post – newer items appear in a more prominent position naturally, than old posts.

So as you can see, the key to marketing to your fans on Facebook is posting quality content that promotes interaction and engagement.

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