Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #5 – Content

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Facebook-Like-Button-bigOne of the unwritten rules with Facebook is that it’s worse to have a stale page than no page at all. This means that if your business has a page, you’d better be using it – posting, sharing, engaging (and marketing).

One of the challenges that many organizations face is coming up with, and delivering consistent content. Page managers often think that if the post isn’t earth-shattering, it’s not worthy of putting on Facebook. This is not only incorrect but often, the opposite is true.

Think about it this way – when you log on to Facebook, what are you there to do? Like most people, it’s to look at friends’ photos, chat with a friend or family member, post about the concert you attended last night, etc. This is social media, after all! The same goes for your business page. Often what people find most interesting, and what you’ll find they Like, comment on, and share most often, are the things that reflect your organization’s personality  – a photo of your company Christmas party, a shout-out about a client’s appearance in the local paper, or your opinion on the latest mobile app.

There will be times where you need to search a little harder for post material. How about repurposing old content? Some possibilities:

* Old blog posts. Folks may have missed them the first time around, and good content is always worth sharing again.
* Old Facebook posts. Follow up on posts from past – results from a contest, photos from an announced event, etc.
* Other people’s (even competitors!) content. Provide your opinion on topics posted by others.

The bottom line when it comes to conent is to make it relevant to what and most importantly, who you are.



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