Do you have a Social Media policy?

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With the rise in popularity of using social media as a marketing tool, many companies are jumping in with both feet, allowing their employees to tweet, post, and engage with fans and followers on a daily basis.

While this is a good thing, many of these companies have yet to establish any type of social media policy, essentially ignoring even a basic level of training for employees communicating with current (or future) customers.

If a potential client called on the telephone, would you allow your new intern to speak with them about your services if that intern had little to no information or training in this area? Of course you wouldn’t. Social media should be treated in the same fashion – as a critical arm of your business’ customer service and branding strategy. This means having a social media plan and an ensuing set of policies and guidelines for those in your company who will be on the front lines, representing your name in the Twitterverse, on Facebook, and any other channels you choose to utilize.

While every company’s policy is unique, based on their own specific strategies, there are a few universal rules every social media guideline should include –

  • Be a person; keep the tone conversational
  • Add value
  • Be respectful

There are a number of companies who post their social media policies for public review. Read these to get a feel for what some of the major players have implemented and learn from others’ mistakes.





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