Don't get left at the starting blocks

Posted & filed under Advertising, Branding.

When the economy is less than healthy, businesses try to find ways to cut back and save money. You get an A+ if you are reviewing every inch of your business to make sure it’s operating efficiently. I’ll give you an F if you have, or are considering cutting your marketing budget. DON’T DO IT!

There’s a ton of solid research out there that proves that those companies that continue to market during slow times will prevail over those that cut back. It doesn’t matter what year the research is pulled from, the results are always the same. Those that continue to advertise maintain their market share and brand awareness. Those that don’t are lost and forgotten, even when the market rebounds.

Cutting back, then attempting to regain ground at an upswing is a risky way to do business. It’s kind of like starting the race an hour after the last runner has gone by – you’ll never catch up!

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