Customers and employees appreciate companies that support good causes

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Consumers want to support companies that contribute good things to the community. Employees want to feel like their work is making a difference. The value, then, for corporations to support nonprofit causes is two-fold: it bolsters customer loyalty and boosts employee morale.

How will your company benefit?

  1. Uniting as a team. Employees will feel good about giving back to the community. Supporting a cause together creates team spirit, and fundraising challenges promote healthy competition. Often, connections will develop between those who have first-hand experience with the cause. Many companies ask employees which causes they’d like to support and select ones that are important to employees.
  2. Strengthening brand image and awareness. Associating with a large community event that benefits a charity makes your company more visible and provides opportunities for meeting potential customers. Consumer confidence in the charity that your company supports will also boost confidence in you. Check out Charity Navigator to learn how charities rate, or go to the Harris Poll about public trust of nonprofits.
  3. Growing business. Consumers feel good about buying from businesses that support good causes. These business-nonprofit relationships also provide opportunities to showcase what your company does, which can lead to current customers asking a company to do more.

There are many ways to support good causes, from volunteering, to making a donation when a sale is made, to sponsoring an event. To get started, sit down with the nonprofit of your choice and craft a program that is mutually beneficial. Supporting good causes is, quite simply, good business.

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