Copywriting: A straight line between two points isn’t always the best journey

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How often do you see marketing copy like: “We’re passionate about selling cornflakes!” Really? First off, I don’t believe it. Second, I don’t care.

What if you tell a story instead? People like stories. A story is a journey. And the best thing about a journey is the unexpected. Mind you, a story doesn’t have to be long – just long enough to have a beginning, a middle and and end. Here’s one I noticed not long ago while making a mojito:

From Bull Run Distilling Company's Pacific Rum label

I had to know, of course, that the destination was going to be the brand – in some way. But what a nice, unexpected way to get there. And refreshing that it wasn’t only about the brand. Not as refreshing as the mojito, but still.

Here’s one that’s more elaborate, but which also takes an unusual path by which to deliver us somewhere most of us have been many times.

That last phrase, of course, I’ve seen a thousand times on the back of my phone. But the journey was engaging enough that it came as a surprise to land at this familiar destination.

Ultimately, the purpose of copywriting isn’t to tell your customers that you’re “passionate” about something. The purpose is to help your customers feel passionate about you. The first step is engaging them – and telling them the story of where you come from.

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