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Since the Oregon Forest Practices Act was passed in 1971, it’s been anything but static. That’s what this infographic shows in a way that is easy to read.

One question we hear frequently is“Isn’t content just copy?” The answer is “no.” Content is really about the conversation you have with your customers, and its more than words. It’s about images, video, and how you deliver the information – whether its through social media, on TV, in print, in person, at a trade show or in the news media. You get the idea, content surrounds us.

Unfortunately, content that isn’t relevant isn’t worth much. So, the first question is always: Who are you talking with? Followed by, What are they interested in? Everyone wants to hear about things that are important to him or her. No one wants to hear what’s important to you. Show how you can fulfill a need, provide a service, alleviate a frustration or provide enjoyment. Make your company relevant.

It’s about engagement. It’s about sharing information that is meaningful to the audiences you want to reach. It’s not about pushing information out to them, but about letting them know that you care about what’s important to them. When you make a connection, people will often share your information with their networks, which expands your reach even further.

Quite a bit has been written about how to reach millennials who comprise almost a quarter of the U.S. population. But really, they aren’t that different from any other group. Here are some tips that will work no matter what the age of your audience:

  • Speak to me: Understand what’s important to me and give me relevant information that will make my life better.
  • Keep it simple: There are lots of distractions out there. Keep your message simple and direct. Then, it stands a better chance of getting through the clutter.
  • Be authentic: Say it like it is. Don’t try to be something that you aren’t. People trust companies that deliver what they say and are genuine.
  • Show you care: Look for opportunities to express your values and connect through them with your audiences.
  • Be unpredictable: Keep your content fresh. Surprise and delight through your content. Connect what you do with the greater good.
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Liz Cawood

Liz Cawood


Liz’s creative outlet is writing – and gardening. She’s dabbled in fabric arts and done a few oils, and even did some rock painting for “Flood the Streets with Art” last November. She’s a voracious consumer of content and enjoys the mental gymnastics of playing with ideas.