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What's New (this month with us)

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Lindsey and Brent
Congratulations to Lindsey Greif who married Brent Sasser on July 30. They spent some time with family from far and near before heading off to the San Juan Islands for kayaking in perfect weather.

Retreating to Think The CAWOOD team convened at Lewis & Clark Catering for a day of reflection and planning as we look to 2012 and beyond. Thanks to Barbara Wirtz for a great job facilitating our retreat.

Family […]

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CAWOOD circles up, grooving with Google Plus

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When a new tune starts playing in the social media world, savvy marketers don’t miss a beat. In fact, here at CAWOOD, we’ve embraced a new rhythm by using Google+. As a staff, we’ve become Google+ groupies and formed a CAWOOD “Circle” – a unique element of Google+ that differentiates it from Facebook or Twitter. Like virtual break room convos, in our circle, we share informal, personal information specifically within our own online space. Exploring the new platform helps us […]

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Google updates sitelinks

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Upon reading the headline, Google updates sitelinks, you may have asked, what is a sitelink and why do I care?

First, sitelinks are hyperlinks to a website’s subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. Within some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than others, they may list numerous deep links to that site at the top of the search results.

The main update with regard to these links is […]

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Getting started with Google Plus

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Google Plus (Google +), Google’s social media platform, offers plenty of features for all types of users. The best thing about it, it’s easy to use! So if you’re thinking about getting started with Google Plus but haven’t stepped up, what are you waiting for?

getting_started_with_google_plusFirst, you’ll need a Google Account. All you need to set up an account is a valid email address. After obtaining a Google account, set up and […]

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Team CAWOOD – Dodgeball Champions

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Twelve teams entered. Only one would come out with the coveted golden helmets.

Eugene’s Summer in the City 2011 downtown dodgeball tournament was held last night in Kesey Square, where scores of people turned out to play, watch, wear pink and donate to Eugene Komen Race for the Cure.

Team CAWOOD was on hand for the second year in a row, looking to improve upon last year’s near-playoff run. And improve they did.

Led by captain and graphic […]

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5 cool things about Google Plus

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In just three weeks, Google Plus (aka Google +) has had 20 million sign-ups. Pretty impressive. As one of those 20 million, I’ve had a chance to look around a bit and compare it with Facebook. Along the way I’ve discovered a few things that make it worth checking out. Here are the top 5:

1. Circles. On Facebook, it’s a bit cumbersome to try keep certain posts directed to specific groups of “friends.” With Google Plus, it’s a lot simpler, […]

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Using Google Alerts

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Whether you want to monitor what people are saying about your business or its competitors or Charlie Sheen’s latest antics, you should be using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a FREE tool that monitors the Internet and emails you updates on whatever topic you’re interested in.

For example, let’s say you are a University of Oregon graduate who wants to keep tabs on the Duck football program. Simply go to the Google Alerts page, and set up an alert for Oregon Ducks […]

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Google Realtime Search Goes Offline…For Now

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As of July 2, Google “Realtime Search” results no longer included updated tweets from Twitter, as a contract between the two Internet giants expired on that day.

These “real time” search results also carried content from a number of other sources, including Facebook fan page updates and Google Buzz posts, but with Twitter driving a large percentage of these results, Google has decided to shut this feature down…for now.

Google has stated that Reak Time will relaunch at some point in the […]

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Google +

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That buzz you hear is the result of Google’s unveiling of Google +, its newest foray into the social arena and, hopefully for Google, its answer to Facebook. The product was rolled out to a limited number of users on Tuesday.

google-vs.-facebookThe main difference between Google + and Facebook? Google’s use of “Circles”, where members of Google + can literally drag and drop their contacts into different social circles. Google touts Cirlces […]

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How the WVCI effectively uses Social Media

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There are thousands of articles, tips, and blog posts (many found on this site!) that provide guidance on starting, managing, and optimizing a social media campaign.
So let’s change it up a bit and look at a real-life example of how an organization, here in our own backyard, is effectively using social media as a part of its marketing efforts.

The Willamette Valley Cancer Institute recently launched two new websites, one ( which provides information on the organization itself, and the other […]

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