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Welcome new clients

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We love new clients and returning clients.

We just signed a contract to provide production services for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, which is headquartered in Portland. It focuses on giving objective, scientific information about the forest products sector. Our first job is copy for a website; we’ll let you know when it launches.

K & K Sound Systems makes electronic pickups for acoustic guitars, upright basses and other acoustic string instruments. Its products are made by musicians, for musicians. And the […]

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5 important on-site SEO tips, #1: Page copy

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copy1Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss 5 important on-site search engine optmization (SEO) tips. Before we dive into tip number one, let’s establish what we mean by “on-site’.
On-site SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s pages to ensure they are included and indexed (hopefully well) in search engines; most importantly, Google.
Normally, the first tip we’d cover is how to optimize your site’s […]

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New staff members

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This summer we’ve welcomed two new staff people – most recently, Jen Hagerman, as our administrative assistant. She won us over with her letter: “I love juggling many diverse tasks and know what it takes to offer exceptional service to clients and internal team members. I’m a ‘get-it-done’ type of person with a meticulous eye.”
And writer/editor Bob Passaro comes to us from The Register-Guard where he was a copy editor. He’s also an […]

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Two stories

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Camas County Logo

For more than 60 years, four generations of the Huntons have tended their land near Junction City. Now, they are at the forefront of a national movement to produce grain and mill it locally. We enjoyed the opportunity to create a logo that will appear on packages of their flour and beans. Look for them at the Eugene Saturday Market and Springfield’s Farmer’s Market. Market of Choice uses Camas Country flour […]

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When do the media want to hear from you?

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The questions above are often asked by reporters to determine if a story is newsworthy. We often refer to it as “earned media,” because it “earns” attention whether from newspaper readers, TV viewers, Facebook friends, among those who tweet, or any number of other social media outlets. Plus, it gets by the media gatekeepers.

Originally, “earned media” was used to separate it from “paid media,” which referred to advertising. Of course, garnering interest from […]

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Building blog readership

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Building blog readershipLet’s assume you’ve launched a blog and there’s good content on it. But no one’s reading. How come? Well, people have to find you. It takes work to build readership.

Sure, there are things you can do to improve your Google rankings and SEO and therefore boost page views – and you should do that. But page views don’t necessarily mean readers.

What you want, more than […]

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What kind of video will serve you best?

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You see a lot of video produced on the fly. Unless it’s extremely funny, you probably don’t watch very long, which can be a problem given the new YouTube algorithms that measure watch-through rates to determine favorability. Research shows that quality video produces the highest watch-through rates. Those rates will influence search rank.
What will impress your customers and engage them with your brand and products? This question will help you decide whether to shoot it on a cell phone or […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #1 – Tagging

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Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer tips to better manage your business Facebook page. First up is tagging.
Much like you would on your personal Facebook page, your business page should Like other business pages. The main reason is that, once you’ve Liked another page, you have the ability to tag said page in your posts.

But this is my business’s Facebook page, why would I want to tag others, you ask? There are several benefits:
1. By tagging another business, your […]

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The new Google+ Local

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If you performed a search on Google for a place to go to lunch today, you’ve likely noticed that the Places pages appear differently than normal. This is because Google replaced its Goole Places pages with Google+ Local pages. Why have they done this and what are the differences you ask? Here’s Google’s official announcement with the particulars.
And if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to claim your Google+ Local page!

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The importance of video marketing

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usingvideoformarketingOnline marketing spend grows every year. In fact, some analysts predict that this is the year that online ads budgets will surpass traditional print. So while search, social media and banner ads can all be effective and worth adding to your marketing repetoire, don’t forget about the medium growing as fast or faster than all of them – video.

Why is the importance of video marketing […]

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