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Facebook’s Graph Search is here…and you’re on it.

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Back in January, Facebook unveiled its new (and much needed) search engine platform, called Graph Search. As with most new features, Facebook rolled Graph Search out slowly, testing, gathering feedback and tweaking. As of Monday, everyone had access.
“Over the past few months, tens of millions of people have helped improve the product just by using it and giving feedback,” Facebook said in blog post.
If your search bar doesn’t look different, it will soon. If you want to manually update to […]

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Using Google AdWords for video

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adwordsvideoIn my last post I provided four YouTube optimization tips, to increase how many people find and watch your business’s videos. You of course followed these tips, and while viewership increased, your video hasn’t exactly gone viral.
You’re still looking for a bigger audience. You still want to use video to increase awareness of your business. So, what else can you do?
How about […]

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Four YouTube optimization tips

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YouTubeOptimizationYou’ve just created a video that you know people will want to watch. It’s informative, funny, timeless and everything else that makes for a “viral” clip. You’ve uploaded it to YouTube but the views aren’t multiplying like you predicted. What’s missing?
Simply submitting a video to YouTube does not mean people will see it. The video needs to be […]

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Google Analytics for beginners – 5 definitions to know

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GoogleAnalyticsPicI asked a client the other day about a trend he may have noticed in his Google Analytics data. He said he never logs in, because he “doesn’t know what he’s looking at.”
Gasp! Google Analytics should be every website owner’s best friend. The data is invaluable.
But you do need to understand the terminology. Here are five Google Analytics definitions every […]

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Bing Places for business: Is your page updated?

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Bing Local If you’re a regular reader of the CAWOOD blog (and really, who isn’t?), you’ll recall us reminding you to claim and optimize your business’ Google Places page. And if you haven’t already, it’s time to do the same on Bing.
Bing recently updated its Bing Business Portal to Bing Places for business. What does this mean, exactly? At this […]

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Earth Day in Eugene

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earthDEarth Day in Eugene and around the world is Monday, April 22. Our team has decided to celebrate by taking to the streets!

From noon – 1 p.m. that day, we’ll don gloves and CAWOOD apparel, head into the neighborhood and pick up litter. And as we mentioned on our Facebook page, anyone is invited to join us!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Google+ […]

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CAWOOD “What if…” videos

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Videographer Eugene OregonAt CAWOOD, we like to ask “What if …”
So, what if we asked folks around Eugene some intriguing “What if” questions, had our videographer film their answers, and showed them to all of you?
Introducing the CAWOOD “What if …” video series! You can check out the first two, and all future installments, on any of our social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, […]

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Don't forget about Yelp

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yelpWhen making a decision about what to buy, 92 percent of people trust the opinions of friends and family more than advertising, according to recent surveys. And more than 7 of 10 people trust online reviews more than advertising, up more than 15 percentage points over the past four years.
Put these two statistics together and what do you get? The fact that you should not forget about Yelp.
A local […]

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What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

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Even if you only dabble in online marketing, you should know the difference between SEO and SEM – and understand how each can help your bottom line.
DifferenceSEOSEMLet’s begin with the definitions:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science of acquiring high-ranking organic placement in the results page of a search engine (SERP), such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO increases a site’s accessibility to a […]

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The benefits of responsive web design

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Responsive Website DesignTen years ago, when everyone visited your website, they viewed it on a laptop screen or a monitor connected to a desktop computer. When someone lands on your site today, two out of 10 people are seeing it on six square inches. If your site pages aren’t built on a responsive web design platform, that user’s visit could be a short one.
How many times have you gone to a website on your […]

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