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It Can't Hurt to Shoot Extra Video

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In a previous post I said that to save time editing it’s best to shoot less video. Now I will tell you the exact opposite and encourage you to over shoot. It really will depend on the project you’re working on. In cases where you know you won’t stray from the script you will know exactly what to shoot. With other projects you’ll find that there are still some questions about the final project. When that’s the case it’s important […]

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Learn the "rule of thirds", then go break it

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Take a typical shot and make it more interesting by using the rule of thirds. Artists and photographers use the rule of thirds when composing their work and so do videographers. If you divide your viewfinder into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and you shoot your video so that your subject is framed where the lines intersect instead of centered in the frame you’ll have a better shot. Of course with every good rule there comes a time and a […]

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Trimble Tradeshow Video

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Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions wanted a video that would demonstrate the ruggedness of its products and catch attention at tradeshows. This video was shot over the course of one day in a variety of locations and captures the extremely rigorous conditions Trimble MCS computers endure. The video was paced with a grungy, attention-getting music track to accentuate the toughness of Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions products.

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Award Winning Videos

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I enjoy a good TV commercial, and I think you do, too. Television specials often show the “Best Commercials You’ve Never Seen,” and many of them are from other countries. Well, here are a few that you may not have seen; they were recently honored by the Inaugural British Arrow Awards.  Watch this one for John Lewis. Can you tell what they do or do you have to go to the website? Here’s one for that […]

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Why you should be using YouTube

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If you are not using YouTube as a marketing tool for your business, you’re missing out.

The biggest reason? YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the Internet (behind Google of course). That in itself should be enough to raise some eyebrows and get you thinking about creating and uploading some type of material.

Some other interesting facts about YouTube:

A broad demographic – 18-54 years old.

Over 700 billion playbacks in 2010.

Over 46 years of YouTube based video are watched per […]

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Put Marketing to Work: Taking a risk

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To capture people’s attention, you have to break through the clutter. Haven’t you heard that a hundred times? Yet, it requires a client who’s willing to take a risk and do the unexpected. Here’s a good example:
“Hey, this is your toilet talking. Have you thanked your colon lately?” If you’ve seen or heard the new Eugene Gastroenterology Consultant’s print and radio ads, you know they bring new meaning to the term “potty […]

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Community 101

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Collaboration. Critical thinking. Civic engagement. These three elements become the tri-pod for Community 101, the Oregon Community Foundation’s youth philanthropy program.

Used by teachers in high school classrooms throughout Oregon, Community 101 is used to teach civic engagement, global literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, use of technology, and community involvement.

Students learn creatively about their community and how to address issues by working together to: • identify community needs • research nonprofit organizations • review grant applications • make funding decisions

Students […]

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Easy editing starts with less video

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Don’t shoot too much video and your editing job will become easier. There are times when shooting more makes sense, maybe you want to capture an entire event from beginning to end or you want to make sure you don’t miss the money shot. But if you know what shots you need to tell your story, things will be much simpler when you go to edit. Shoot clips that are short and sweet. Look for the can’t miss moments and […]

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Light it up

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Digital cameras do a better job of capturing images in low light settings than “old-fashioned” video cameras but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to light your set. The type of lighting equipment you have and the location you are shooting will determine much of your set-up. Once your lights are set, look at the scene through your lense and make sure it looks good. If you don’t have professional lights it’s probably time to invest in a […]

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