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Using social media as a sales tool

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Social_Media_as_a_sales_toolI recently read an interesting take on why social media marketers are having a tough time using social media as a sales tool.
The author says there is a “hole” in the social-media marketing funnel, leaving questions about how to calculate return on a social media campaign. He goes on to state that while marketers are (for the most part) doing well at the top […]

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Social media as a news outlet

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breakingnewsMinutes after the tragic shooting on July 20, an 18-year old man in Denver named Morgan Jones turned on a police scanner and started posting time-stamped details of what he heard onto the website

Reddit is a social news website where users submit content, in the form of a link or a text. Other users rank the posts, determining their positions on the site’s […]

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What kind of video will serve you best?

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You see a lot of video produced on the fly. Unless it’s extremely funny, you probably don’t watch very long, which can be a problem given the new YouTube algorithms that measure watch-through rates to determine favorability. Research shows that quality video produces the highest watch-through rates. Those rates will influence search rank.
What will impress your customers and engage them with your brand and products? This question will help you decide whether to shoot it on a cell phone or […]

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What’s new

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Circle May 9 on your calendar for our CAWOOD party! Learn more in April.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Have you seen or heard our award-winning Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants Mt. Toilet ad? If not, check them out.

Willamette Valley Cancer Institute tells us that small modifications in our daily lives can help prevent certain types of cancer. Take a peek at this piece and learn how to make improvements in your own routine.

It’s spring […]

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CAWOOD does video!

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Video presents a story quickly, and in an effective and visual way. To maximize your budget, we can help you repurpose video multiple ways. It starts with capturing and converting video into an online form, like this video. We’re posting it on our blog, on our website and here, in our e-news. We can help you create the video and use it in multiple ways.

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The importance of video marketing

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usingvideoformarketingOnline marketing spend grows every year. In fact, some analysts predict that this is the year that online ads budgets will surpass traditional print. So while search, social media and banner ads can all be effective and worth adding to your marketing repetoire, don’t forget about the medium growing as fast or faster than all of them – video.

Why is the importance of video marketing […]

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New Cancer Resource Center opens

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Most of us have been affected by cancer in some way.

Now there’s a resource center everyone can use, whether you’re a patient, family member, friend or co-worker of someone with cancer. Located at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute’s Country Club Road location, the American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center provides free access to information on cancer diagnosis, treatment, social services and community programs all in one place.

Staffed by American Cancer Society (ACS) volunteers, many who have experienced cancer first-hand, the Cancer […]

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Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small Business

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One of the key steps in managing a successful social media marketing campaign is monitoring. This might mean listenting to what’s being said (good and bad) about your company, monitoring what the competition is up to, or keeping an eye on news-worthy updates within your industry.PastedGraphic-2

Whatever you want to monitor, there’s a tool for it. In fact, there are hundreds of solutions to help you keep an eye on […]

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Believe in possibilities

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When we were children, we fervently believed that wishes could come true. Even if we didn’t believe in Santa, we knew that the presents under the tree on Christmas morning were real.

As we grow into adults, we find it harder to believe in possibilities. We have tasks to do, appointments to keep, and obligations to fulfill. We’re so busy that we don’t take time appreciate the goodness around us.

We hope you find time during this Holiday season to reflect on […]

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Measuring the ROI of Social Media Marketing

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Your business is on Facebook and has some fans. You’re tweeting and retweeting daily. Maybe you’ve even produced a video that’s been seen over 1,000 times on YouTube. So, like so many others using social media as part of their marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering: “Is all of this paying off?”
roiMeasuring the ROI of social media marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers and PR […]

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