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Marketing Makes a BIG Difference

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When times are tough, those who keep advertising and tell their story gain market share. And, they never lose it!
Conversely, the timid lose market share and never regain it. It’s that simple, and it’s been proven time and time again.
Right now, most sectors of the economy are flat with modest growth projected. Many businesses are holding onto cash for peace of mind. Maybe it’s time to think about investing that cash to increase sales.
Paul Lemberg, author of Be Unreasonable, […]

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Tips for a Facebook beginner

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If you are just starting to venture into the social media realm in order to help market your business, Facebook is likely at or near the top of your list of tools to use.

As everyone knows, Facebook is a very powerful channel enabling businesses to connect and engage with their current or potential customers.  What everyone may not know is that using Facebook to market your business is not difficult or “high-tech.”

There are a plethora of articles and videos online […]

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What's new

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Impressive recycling and composting at Market of Choice: Last year, Market of Choice’s flagship store at 29th & Willamette composted 200 tons of food waste – waste that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. The grand total of all recycled or composted materials was 750 tons. Wow! Learn more.

Do more on your bike with a Burley trailer. Child trailers, touring trailers and the all new commuter trailer, Travoy. Burley makes them all. How fun to help create and develop […]

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(More) Headlines make a story standout

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Headline writing tip No. 3: Don’t pat yourself or your client on the back. Reporters can smell self-promotion a mile away. Avoid writing headlines that include the words “thanks to,” as in: “Park gets needed upgrades, thanks to ABC Construction Company.” When you send an e-mail with this in the subject line, you’re likely to get a swift “thanks, but no thanks.”

Headline writing tip No. 4: Create a visual picture in the reader’s mind. Consider this headline: “Sabertooth salmon leaps […]

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Google AdWords – lowering your cost

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If you’ve ever used or are currently using Google AdWords to promote your company’s goods or services, then you know just how expensive this type of advertising can be.

One way to help curb these costs is to write attractive ad copy.  How will good copy lower my cost you ask?

Aside from your actual keyword bid, one of the ways Google determines your cost per click (CPC) for a given keyword is your click-through rate (CTR).  CTR is determined by how […]

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Keyword Research

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I was doing some research for a client today to find which were the most popular searched-for phrases for his specialty.  I of course started with Google’s Keyword tool and worked from there.

It occurred to me as I was doing my research that this is a key step in either building a good PPC campaign or optimizing a website’s content for SEO, and that some of our readers might like a tip or two on this very subject.

Here then, is […]

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Using Twitter for business

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You’ve probably heard of Twitter.  You may even tweet from time to time.If you do and happen to use Twitter for your business, check out this article.  It gives some great examples of how businesses are using this social media tool, along with a few tips you might find useful!

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Start with these five basic SEO tips

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Search Engine Optimization sounds good – how do you make it happen for your site? Here are five basics every site should have to maximize its SEO.
1. Choose keywords. The term, “keyword,” describes a word or phrase search engines use to index a Web page. Decide what words and phrases you think Web users will enter into a search engine to find your site.
2. Use those keywords in the text of your Web pages. Search engines “read” the actual […]

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Let valid data guide your marketing decisions

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Most people interested in green
Successful marketing campaigns flow from good information. It’s vital to understand your market, what your target customers think, what they want and how they act. You can do that in many ways: pay attention to research reports, talk to your salespeople to find out what their customers are telling them, ask vendors what they hear, talk to customers, and/or commission original research. We subscribe to several sources of secondary information to stay on top of trends, […]

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