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Getting coverage: Tips from a reporter

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reporter-typing-300x239Let’s say you’re putting on an event. Or there’s been a development of some kind in your business. You think there is some news value in this. You’re going to send a news release to try to get some coverage.

A reporter I used to work with at The Register-Guard, Bob Keefer, has some advice for you.
“I’ve gotten more than 300 e-mails in a single day,” […]

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5 important on-site SEO tips, #1: Page copy

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copy1Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss 5 important on-site search engine optmization (SEO) tips. Before we dive into tip number one, let’s establish what we mean by “on-site’.
On-site SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s pages to ensure they are included and indexed (hopefully well) in search engines; most importantly, Google.
Normally, the first tip we’d cover is how to optimize your site’s page […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #5 – Content

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Facebook-Like-Button-bigOne of the unwritten rules with Facebook is that it’s worse to have a stale page than no page at all. This means that if your business has a page, you’d better be using it – posting, sharing, engaging (and marketing).

One of the challenges that many organizations face is coming up with, and delivering consistent content. Page managers often think that if the post isn’t […]

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Launching a blog: Why am I doing this?

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start a blogIf you’re launching a blog for your business, you should know what it’s going to be about. If you are simply going to promote yourself, nobody is going to read it. So ask yourself some questions:
What do I want the blog to achieve? Ultimately, you probably want more business. But how? Do you want to build the loyalty of current customers? Do you […]

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How to start a blog post: Leads, Part 2

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blog_leadHow do you start a blog post, knowing someone is going to read that first line and decide whether it’s worth their time to go on?

Skilled writers begin in many ways: They may tell a little story, offer a colorful anecdote, summarize the topic, or hit us with something especially startling or funny.

But as we discussed in the previous post, I believe less experienced writers […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #4 – Negative Comments

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facebook criticismWe’ve talked in the past about how to manage criticism on your Facebook page. The key is to be proactive. If you dropped the ball, admit it, and move on. Doing this will prevent a higher percentage of negative comments.
If you do receive a negative comment, here are a few Dos and Donts:

1. Don’t panic. The biggest and most popular companies in the world […]

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How to start a blog post: Leads, Part 1

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Blogging-TipsI’d like to get to the point. And you should, too.

We’re talking today about the opening line of a blog post. Newspaper reporters call this a “lead” (pronounced lede, not led).

The lead is crucial. Some of you may know the writer Mitch Albom, who wrote the book “Tuesdays With Morrie.” Albom started out as a newspaper sportswriter. He puts it this way: “I look at […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #3 – Vanity URL

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vanityurlWhen you launch a Facebook page for your business, Facebook will assign it a URL that looks something like this – Not the easiest thing to put on a business card or email signature, is it?
The good news is that after your page accumulates 25 Likes (which should be easy with friends and family members), Facebook makes it easy to create your own vanity URL.

After you’ve updated your […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #2 – Photos

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With the introduction of timeline a few months ago, Facebook opened up the opportunity to add a cover photo to your page and a thumbnail image to each app. There are now six types of images to manage on your page. Here they are, with required sizes:

Cover photo: 851 x 315

Profile picture: 180 x 180

Thumbnail image for apps: 111 x 74

Highlighted images: 843 x 403

Milestone images: 843 x 403

Images within wall posts display as 404 x 404

The cover photo should […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #1 – Tagging

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Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer tips to better manage your business Facebook page. First up is tagging.
Much like you would on your personal Facebook page, your business page should Like other business pages. The main reason is that, once you’ve Liked another page, you have the ability to tag said page in your posts.

But this is my business’s Facebook page, why would I want to tag others, you ask? There are several benefits:
1. By tagging another business, your […]

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