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Team CAWOOD prepares to defend the Gold Helmets

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photoTeam CAWOOD came out of nowhere in 2011 to claim victory at Eugene’s Summer in the City downtown dodgeball tournament. They won’t be flying under the radar this year, as the 2012 group of contenders will be gunning for them and the coveted Gold Helmets.
CAWOOD’s 2012 squad has been assembled, and while it will look a bit different than last year’s team, it retains its […]

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Twitter's search improvements

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PastedGraphic-5If you read our blog, you’ll recall that Twitter Search ended up on a list of our top 10 favorite websites. Well, that site may be moving up on that list, as Twitter has just announced some excellent (and long overdue) search improvements. The upgrades may not be earth-shattering, but make Twitter a more user-friendly and functionally efficient tool.

We could lay out all the improvements here, […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #4 – Negative Comments

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facebook criticismWe’ve talked in the past about how to manage criticism on your Facebook page. The key is to be proactive. If you dropped the ball, admit it, and move on. Doing this will prevent a higher percentage of negative comments.
If you do receive a negative comment, here are a few Dos and Donts:

1. Don’t panic. The biggest and most popular companies in the world […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #3 – Vanity URL

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vanityurlWhen you launch a Facebook page for your business, Facebook will assign it a URL that looks something like this – Not the easiest thing to put on a business card or email signature, is it?
The good news is that after your page accumulates 25 Likes (which should be easy with friends and family members), Facebook makes it easy to create your own vanity URL.

After you’ve updated your […]

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Cascade Health Solutions launches new site

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Cascade_Health_EugeneWe’re very excited here at CAWOOD. After nearly a year of discussing, planning, implementing and testing, we’ve launched a brand new website for our friends at Cascade Health Solutions (CHS), a leading healthcare company in Eugene!

CHS provides home health and hospice, occupational health, employee assistance, primary care, and chronic disease management. Its mission is to “improve quality of life in our community by […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #2 – Photos

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With the introduction of timeline a few months ago, Facebook opened up the opportunity to add a cover photo to your page and a thumbnail image to each app. There are now six types of images to manage on your page. Here they are, with required sizes:

Cover photo: 851 x 315

Profile picture: 180 x 180

Thumbnail image for apps: 111 x 74

Highlighted images: 843 x 403

Milestone images: 843 x 403

Images within wall posts display as 404 x 404

The cover photo should […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #1 – Tagging

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Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer tips to better manage your business Facebook page. First up is tagging.
Much like you would on your personal Facebook page, your business page should Like other business pages. The main reason is that, once you’ve Liked another page, you have the ability to tag said page in your posts.

But this is my business’s Facebook page, why would I want to tag others, you ask? There are several benefits:
1. By tagging another business, your […]

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Our party: relaxing and connecting

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It was a beautiful night – the company, the food and the atmosphere! Thanks to Anthony and his crew at Lewis and Clark Catering for the hospitality. Interesting conversations abounded. Connections were made, and everyone left with smiles on their faces. What a party – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Did you enjoy playing “Lucky Logo?” We had a great time passing out Market of Choice gift cards to winners. We love Market of Choice!
If you […]

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Are you a social company?

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socialIf you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels for business, you probably consider yours to be a social business. But is it?
When you post a status update to Facebook, tweet or publish a blog post, you are simply using social media tools. This is only the first step in becoming a social business, which is really what you want to be, right?
Think about it this […]

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How to Listen in Social Media

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listening-joeLaunching your Facebook and Twitter campaigns can be very exciting. You are now out there talking with fans, posting photos, tweeting and retweeting. Maybe you’re even becoming a pro – using a platform to strategically schedule posts, calculating your social media ROI, or learning how to improve your EdgeRank score.

Even with all of this, you may still be ignoring the most important part of a successful social […]

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