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Social media – show before tell

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copyA 2012 study by ROI Research found that users who engage with friends on social media sites enjoy the pictures they took more than other types of posts. Further, if you manage a business page on Facebook, Using photos in social media forty-four percent of people are more likely […]

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Getting news out to the media – a flow chart

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I’m new to PR/marketing, so I’m constantly stumbling over unfamiliar bits of jargon. Here’s one I encountered the other day: “earned media.”

I had to guess what this meant. And, yes, basically, it means you got some news coverage, although it also can refer to getting some buzz in social media. Either way, it’s different than “paid media,” which means you bought an ad, say.

So how does one get some “earned media”? I’m occasionally asked about this now, having come here […]

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Using social media as a sales tool

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Social_Media_as_a_sales_toolI recently read an interesting take on why social media marketers are having a tough time using social media as a sales tool.
The author says there is a “hole” in the social-media marketing funnel, leaving questions about how to calculate return on a social media campaign. He goes on to state that while marketers are (for the most part) doing well at the top […]

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Two stories

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Camas County Logo

For more than 60 years, four generations of the Huntons have tended their land near Junction City. Now, they are at the forefront of a national movement to produce grain and mill it locally. We enjoyed the opportunity to create a logo that will appear on packages of their flour and beans. Look for them at the Eugene Saturday Market and Springfield’s Farmer’s Market. Market of Choice uses Camas Country flour […]

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When do the media want to hear from you?

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The questions above are often asked by reporters to determine if a story is newsworthy. We often refer to it as “earned media,” because it “earns” attention whether from newspaper readers, TV viewers, Facebook friends, among those who tweet, or any number of other social media outlets. Plus, it gets by the media gatekeepers.

Originally, “earned media” was used to separate it from “paid media,” which referred to advertising. Of course, garnering interest from […]

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A3 launches new website

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We’re excited to unveil our latest website, a re-design for our friends at A3, The Springfield Academy of Arts and Academics. The site features its new logo and a calendar synched directly with iCal on the A3 Director’s laptop!

A3 is a magnet/alternative four-year high school that offers opportunities for students to experience quality instruction and high expectations for personal achievement. At A3, students work in learning teams across curriculums of humanities (language arts and social studies), inquiries […]

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Building blog readership

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Building blog readershipLet’s assume you’ve launched a blog and there’s good content on it. But no one’s reading. How come? Well, people have to find you. It takes work to build readership.

Sure, there are things you can do to improve your Google rankings and SEO and therefore boost page views – and you should do that. But page views don’t necessarily mean readers.

What you want, more than […]

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Social media for consumer research

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Social Media for consumer researchI just read a great article on how Frito Lay is using social media for consumer research. The company is gathering new flavor ideas from its thousands of Facebook followers. Overseas, this technique has already led to “hot and spicy crab” in Thailand and “pickled cucumber” in Serbia.

The article also mentions that companies such as Walmart, Kohl’s and Samuel Adams are running similar types of […]

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Social media as a news outlet

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breakingnewsMinutes after the tragic shooting on July 20, an 18-year old man in Denver named Morgan Jones turned on a police scanner and started posting time-stamped details of what he heard onto the website

Reddit is a social news website where users submit content, in the form of a link or a text. Other users rank the posts, determining their positions on the […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #5 – Content

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Facebook-Like-Button-bigOne of the unwritten rules with Facebook is that it’s worse to have a stale page than no page at all. This means that if your business has a page, you’d better be using it – posting, sharing, engaging (and marketing).

One of the challenges that many organizations face is coming up with, and delivering consistent content. Page managers often think that if the post isn’t […]

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