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Connecting through content

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content is king In a recent survey, 83 percent of consumers said they would pay more for a product or service if they felt a personal connection to the company.
More than ever, clients and customers expect more than just a good product or a fair price. They want an experience. They want to feel appreciated. They want to feel the love!
Grabbing the attention of a consumer, holding it and […]

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What’s new

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Sometimes you just can’t say “no.” That’s what happened when we were asked to create a new logo for Institutional Stove Solutions. This nonprofit based in Cottage Grove makes 60- and 100-liter cookstoves that are highly efficient and operate on tiny amounts of twigs to cook a huge pot of food. For a single stove, it’s accomplishing so much: feeding people in developing countries, reducing environmental impacts, and improving health and safety.

A stove costs $650 and saves 30 tons of […]

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Take back your Facebook newsfeed

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In our last blog post, we discussed Facebook’s recent algorithm update, which effectively decreases the percentage of posts you see from certain Pages. If there are specific Pages’ updates you’d like back in your newsfeed, there is an answer.

Simply follow the instructions in this PDF and take back control of your newsfeed!


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Facebook updates EdgeRank algorithm

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edgerank changesAs we discussed in a previous post, Facebook’s algorithm, called EdgeRank, determines the percentage of your page’s fans that see your posts in their news feed. Historically, that percentage has been around ten.

And you thought that was low.
In late September, Facebook updated EdgeRank to “show the posts that people are most likely to engage with, ensuring they see the most interesting stories. This aligns with our vision that all […]

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Events R us

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In the past month, we’ve helped clients with several events. We find them energizing. Here’s a recap:

On Sept. 29, the Willamette River Bridge was named the Whilamut Passage Bridge (pronounced WILL-a-mut). Tribal members performed a traditional song and drum circle that set the tone for the naming ceremony, while speakers offered comments on the significance of the name. In the Kalapuya language, Whilamut means “where the river ripples and runs fast.” Sonny Chickering, ODOT Region 2 manager, signed the naming […]

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Breast Cancer Chronicles

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Follow nurse practitioner Jeannie Merrick, R.N., W.H.C.N.P, as she chronicles her emotional journey through breast cancer. Her story is unfolding on the Oak Street Medical blog during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A women’s health nurse practitioner for more than 30 years, the tides turned for her in July when she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Get regular updates via Facebook.

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5 important on-site SEO tips, #4: Blogging

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We’ve talked about the role of the blog in social media. A blog also plays an important part of your website’s SEO.
Quality, dynamic content is a major factor in where you’re pages appear in SERPs (search engine results pages). A well-written, well-optimized blog produces this content.

1. Each post is a chance to attract a new audience. Every time you write a blog post, that post will have a page title, description and content that can be optimized like any web […]

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5 important on-site SEO tips, #3: Video

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videoseoIf you haven’t already, it’s time to start using video to build your brand and improve your site’s SEO. One of the main reasons? Google’s algorithm change back in 2011, called “Panda.”
In an effort to push sites using “black hat” SEO tactics further down (or out) of search rankings, Google increased the value of sites offering engaging content. And nothing engages better than video.
Some of the basics:
1. […]

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We want you to “Like” us!

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Our hopes for a second straight dodgeball championship were tragically crushed. One of our employees built a wood-fired pizza oven in his backyard. There was even talk of “CAWOOD: The Musical.”

Of course, you already know all this if you “Like” us on Facebook. It’s where we report on the fun stuff that happens around the office. It’s where you get to know another side of the people who work here. You can see our art director’s series of photos […]

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How to add a Twitter header image

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Twitter recently announced a new feature that allows you to upload a cusomized header image. Great for branding your business page, and acting much like your Facebook’s cover photo, here’s how to add the image (from your desktop):

1. On your Twitter page, click the “gear” drop-down in the upper right hand corner of the page.number1

2. Click on Settings

3. In the left nav menu, click on Design.

4. Scroll down and on the […]

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