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CAWOOD “What if…” videos

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Videographer Eugene OregonAt CAWOOD, we like to ask “What if …”
So, what if we asked folks around Eugene some intriguing “What if” questions, had our videographer film their answers, and showed them to all of you?
Introducing the CAWOOD “What if …” video series! You can check out the first two, and all future installments, on any of our social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, […]

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Three reasons to use Pinterest for business

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Pinterest for businessThe question has changed from “Should you use Pinterest?” to “Why aren’t you using Pinterest?”
And while we could list five, even 10 reasons, we’re going to give you just three, which are probably all you need!
1. The stats• With more than 12 million American users it’s the third most popular social media network in the United States.• 28 […]

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Don't forget about Yelp

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yelpWhen making a decision about what to buy, 92 percent of people trust the opinions of friends and family more than advertising, according to recent surveys. And more than 7 of 10 people trust online reviews more than advertising, up more than 15 percentage points over the past four years.
Put these two statistics together and what do you get? The fact that you should not forget about Yelp.
A local […]

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My Facebook ticker disappeared!

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newsfeedYou might be hearing that from a lot of your friends, and noticing it on your own Facebook page. Why has the ticker disappeared, and when is it coming back? At this point, never.

A few days ago, Facebook announced a new look to its News Feed, touting it as “The best personalized newspaper in the world” and saying will better personalize users’ content.
With this change comes the following updates:
• […]

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Facebook's Graph Search

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Last week, Facebook unveiled what it calls “Graph Search,” which is an effort to improve an area of Facebook that certainly needs improving – search. While the new platform is still in beta mode and only available for a tiny fraction of users, here’s what we know:
Graph Search is:
1. A platform built by a team of 50 engineers led by two ex-Googlers.2. A modified search bar at the top of each page where search results focus on four areas of […]

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5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

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larryTwitter is fun, engaging and a great way to get up-to-the-second information on a wide variety of topics. It’s also an effective way to build your company’s brand, generate awareness and ultimately, increase sales.
As with all marketing tools, there are pitfalls. And so, we bring you 5 Twitter mistakes to avoid:
1. Your tweets are too long
But wait, I only get 140 characters! How […]

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Happy Holidays!

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Given the time of year, we thought it would be fun share some of our favorite holiday traditions, stories or memories. If you have one you’d like to share, we’d love to read it, right here. Happy holidays, everyone!

nichole bioGrowing up in a family full of competitive sports nuts, the love of sports and competitive spirit translated into almost all of our family gatherings, including Christmas. Each year on […]

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Facebook updates privacy settings…again

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facebk-privacyIn the seemingly never-ending battle to please its millions of users, Facebook is once again making updates to its privacy settings . The changes are happening as we speak and will continue to roll out through December.

None of the changes are earth-shattering, but many users will not like the fact that they are no longer able to hide their profiles from Facebook’s search function.

Here’s a […]

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3 reasons to NOT use social media…yet

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smpI’m a huge fan of social media for business. Mainly because it works…if done correctly. For the most part, it’s like any other marketing effort – you need to plan, implement, track and adjust.

I’m also a believer that most, if not all, small businesses should have some type of social media presence. There are some though, that should stay out of that end of the marketing pool and NOT […]

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With great content comes great results

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Last month, we drew your attention to a series of blog posts written by Oak Street Medical nurse practitioner Jeannie Merrick, who chronicled her personal experience with breast cancer throughout the month of October.

In 24 hours – through likes, comments and the sharing of Oak Street Medical’s blog content – the clinic’s Facebook page reach increased by 916 percent. And referral traffic to the website from Facebook increased by 3,411 percent compared to October 2011.

Her candid first-person account reveals a […]

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