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The most overrated metric in social media marketing

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social media overrated metric“How many Likes do we have?”
“That page has more Likes than ours; we need more!”
When it comes to Facebook, marketers are obsessed with the almighty Like. And while people liking your page is important, I’d argue that the Like is to social media what Coldplay is to rock music – popular but overrated. In fact, it’s […]

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The anatomy of an effective guy-ad

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I do my best to ignore Facebook ads, like many of you probably. And yet, today I encountered one that stopped me. I looked at it. And then, despite my best intentions, I actually clicked on it.
I was thus delivered to the Facebook page of a company called Harry’s, which makes and sells razors. I noticed that someone had commented there: “This is the first Facebook advertisement that has ever yielded my clicking on the link.”
I wasn’t alone. And so […]

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Facebook’s Graph Search is here…and you’re on it.

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Back in January, Facebook unveiled its new (and much needed) search engine platform, called Graph Search. As with most new features, Facebook rolled Graph Search out slowly, testing, gathering feedback and tweaking. As of Monday, everyone had access.
“Over the past few months, tens of millions of people have helped improve the product just by using it and giving feedback,” Facebook said in blog post.
If your search bar doesn’t look different, it will soon. If you want to manually update to […]

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Facebook’s hashtags are a good thing

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fbhashtagYou probably read or noticed that Facebook recently went the Twitter route and implemented hashtags into posts. I didn’t think this was earth-shattering (or bad) news, but then we got Michael Thomsen ranting that hashtags will ruin Facebook. My advice to Mr. Thomsen – slow down, hoss. Facebook’s hashtags are a good thing.
First, hashtags aren’t ruining anything. It’s going to […]

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Four YouTube optimization tips

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YouTubeOptimizationYou’ve just created a video that you know people will want to watch. It’s informative, funny, timeless and everything else that makes for a “viral” clip. You’ve uploaded it to YouTube but the views aren’t multiplying like you predicted. What’s missing?
Simply submitting a video to YouTube does not mean people will see it. The video needs to be […]

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5 Twitter search tricks

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twitter-searchIf you use Twitter search, you know it can be challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for. The good news is that there are actions you can take to filter, enhance and improve the results you get. Here are five of our favorite Twitter search tricks:
1. Remove all re-tweets from search results. If you’re searching popular phrases, memes, etc., […]

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We advertise. Do you?

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CAWOOD advertising
Some say traditional advertising is passé. Of course, that’s not true. Not yet, anyway! What is true is that successful companies know how to maximize their marketing investment by integrating well-planned and effective digital and traditional marketing methods.
Here is one way we’ve done that. Since blue chip started publishing, our ad has appeared on its back cover. This month’s […]

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Earth Day in Eugene

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earthDEarth Day in Eugene and around the world is Monday, April 22. Our team has decided to celebrate by taking to the streets!

From noon – 1 p.m. that day, we’ll don gloves and CAWOOD apparel, head into the neighborhood and pick up litter. And as we mentioned on our Facebook page, anyone is invited to join us!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Google+ […]

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The difference between push and pull marketing

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pushvspullmarketingThe difference between push and pull marketing is simple. Push marketing is what you see in an episode of “Mad Men,” while pull marketing is what I’m doing right now by typing this blog post. Clear as mud, right? Let’s take a closer look.
It used to be, companies simply told consumers what to purchase, be it a car, food, etc. They espoused the benefits of […]

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