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Using social media to help your SEO.

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If you are business who uses Twitter or Facebook to engage with your current or potential customers, you may be asking “Does any of this effort lead to better rankings in Google?”

The answer, according to an interview with Google’s Matt Cutts in December of last year, is yes – “We do use Twitter and Facebook links in ranking, as we always have in our web search rankings, but in addition we’re also trying to figure out a little […]

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What's new in January

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Welcome, Mike Brown!

Mike, who joins us as an account executive, will focus on building media relationships, managing trade shows and maximizing clients’ online presence through social media and advertising opportunities, like Google’s AdWords. Previously, Mike managed search marketing campaigns for e-commerce clients. He’s also worked for two baseball teams, including our own Ems and the San Bernardino Stampede. Plus, he’s our newest over-the-top Ducks fan.

What’s New

Your Body by the Numbers The numbers on your lab reports tell the story of […]

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Using Twitter for business

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You’ve probably heard of Twitter.  You may even tweet from time to time.If you do and happen to use Twitter for your business, check out this article.  It gives some great examples of how businesses are using this social media tool, along with a few tips you might find useful!

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Information Doubling

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I learned a new word today: yottabyte. A yottabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. I’m a computer guy so I’m familiar with the other common units of measure: kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte. I even bought a terabyte-sized external hard drive at Costco last year, something I could never imagine doing in the early days of the Internet. It’s almost full now, and I may need to get another. Will I ever have a petabyte (1000 terabytes) sitting on my desk at […]

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Making Connections

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My husband and I had an old friend from out of town over for a beer the other night. Not a super-blogworthy activity, you’re thinking, but how it came about is pretty remarkable, at least to me.
We haven’t seen our friend, Richard, face-to-face in nearly 25 years. He’s not even really my friend to begin with – my husband hung out with him during a brief period in high school. And like many short, intense friendships at that age, they […]

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AAA scores again

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AAA is the top socially responsible business brand in America, according to Landor’s BrandAsset® Valuator. If you haven’t heard of Landor, its founder Walter Landor is considered by many to be the father of branding. The agency boasts that it’s been creating brands for six decades.
Interestingly, Landor let respondents to its survey tell them what socially responsible means. Here are four commonalities that emerged:
•Looking out for our well-being and health (this is where AAA really scored!) •Believing in family, […]

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Star Wars Social Networking

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While I was eating my lunch, which I got for free through a social networking campaign, I began to think about social networking and how it isn’t all that new of an idea. It hasn’t always been called social networking, but I’ve been doing it all along.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was a kid, friends would call to say that Jafco Department Store had gotten in a new shipment of Star Wars […]

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The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook

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by Bob Willard

The subtitle of the book is what it’s all about: How to Transform Your Company. This short, 128-page book captures the essence of modern business thought: Peter M. Senge, Stephen R. Covey, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, George Ainsworth, John P Kotter, and Everett M. Rogers. Wow! It shows how applicable all those thought leaders are to moving sustainability forward.
In the author’s words, here’s what you get: “. . . practices that have always worked […]

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Trading Up

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by Michael J. Silverstein & Neil Fiske

Premium goods – who buys them and why. That’s this book. Emotionally important products demand a premium price, while the same shopper will seek out bargains on commodity items or products that lack an emotional appeal. The authors predict the market for new luxury items will be $1 trillion just in the U.S. by the end of the decade. They talk about New Luxury […]

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