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How often should I tweet?

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You’ll find many different opinions on this but in reality, the answer is very easy – you should tweet any time you have something interesting to say.

Just ask yourself if what you are about to tweet will be something worthwhile to your followers. If you think it is, chances are they will as well. And hopefully they’ll retweet you and your voice will be heard by a brand new audience out there in the Twitterverse, growing your follower base.

One thing […]

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Examples of great Facebook business pages

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In business, competitive analysis is an integral part of any marketing strategy.
This goes for social media as well, where you should be keeping tabs on what others are doing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels.

With Facebook, take a look at what your direct competitors’ page looks like. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you like about the page, what you don’t like, and which of their strategies might make sense for your business page.

Now […]

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The role of the blog in social media

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With all the hype and increasing popularity of using social media for business, don’t forget the old friend who has been there for you before the likes of Twitter and Facebook – your blog!

As more and more people use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media tools, the blog can often get left behind or forgotten about. If you are serious about using social media to increase awareness around your brand, trust with your clients and customers, and ultimately […]

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How to grow your Twitter following

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What’s the use of using Twitter if no one is listening to you?

Attracting, keeping, and growing your follower base is the most important aspect of your Twitter campaign, and one which takes time and strategy.

Once you’ve started tweeting what should be interesting and relevant content, you’ll slowly begin to accumulate followers. But make no mistake, your following will not grow without some work outside of just simply tweeting.

One of the first steps after you’ve launched your campaign and started tweeting […]

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Your Facebook landing page

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When a new user clicks on a link that will take them to your Facebook business page, what’s the first thing you want them to see?
Facebook’s default setting here is your wall page, so their first impression is a white background with a bunch of mostly text-based postings.

Why not have them arrive at a page that provides information about your company, shows a great video of your newest product, or highlights a current promotion?

If this sounds appealing (and hopefully it […]

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Using hashtags in Twitter

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hashtagIf you are a Twitter user, you’ve seen tweets that include a “#” and wondered, what is that doing in there?
That symbol, in the Twitterverse, is known as a hashtag and is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.
For example, let’s say you tweeted a link to your newest blog post about how your company is creatively using YouTube and want […]

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Golden Rules of Social Marketing

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I was reading a report today entitled The 10 Golden Rules of Social Marketing.  The report itself was detailed and in depth so the following is a summary of the more important rules and some details of each.

1. Know your “Why” – what is it you are looking to achieve?

Some examples here might be: to increase traffic to a website; to reach a larger audience; to build your brand; to get customer feedback; to gain loyalty; to educate; or all […]

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Posting content on your Facebook page

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Now that you have your business’ Facebook page built and set up just the way you want it, it’s time to start posting content, establishing a “fan” base, and engaging your customers.

The question now becomes – what the heck do I post or talk about?

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to posting on your Facebook wall, you do want to make sure of one thing and that is, try to make your content as interesting […]

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Tips for a Facebook beginner

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If you are just starting to venture into the social media realm in order to help market your business, Facebook is likely at or near the top of your list of tools to use.

As everyone knows, Facebook is a very powerful channel enabling businesses to connect and engage with their current or potential customers.  What everyone may not know is that using Facebook to market your business is not difficult or “high-tech.”

There are a plethora of articles and videos online […]

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Facebook or Twitter – which is best for your business?

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If you are a business looking to take that first dip into the waters of social media, you are likely thinking of starting with either Facebook or Twitter.

As these are the most prominent tools in the social media shed, both are likely the most viable options, depending on your goals.

For example, Facebook is a perfect platform on which to engage your fans/customers in conversation, while Twitter is a popular and easy-to-use stage to promote content.

To get a quick look into […]

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